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Tile ROofing

Tile is another enduring roofing product that offers the customer hundreds of options when choosing a desired look. Tile is traditionally available in clay or concrete, in many colors, sizes and shapes. Roofing tiles may be uniform in color, or have a range of colors within each tile. Tiles of different colors may also be blended on the roof to create an even more unique appearance.

Roofing tile is often seen in the rounded pieces called “Spanish S” or in the two-piece “Mission” or “Barrel” tiles. However tiles are also manufactured in flat styles that simulate slate or cedar shakes. They can also have different textures, ranging from smooth and even, to textured, rough, uneven, or “broom swept”.

Clay tiles are formed from clay, which is usually an orange-red color. Color, or blends of colors are then applied. It is then fired in a kiln, and finally a glaze or finish may be applied.

Concrete tiles are basically made of tinted cement, and are also available in many shapes and blends of colors.

In South Carolina and all over the southeast, Palmetto State Roofing, Inc. can help identify and locate replacement tile for the repair of your existing tile roof.