Not all roofing contractors are the same either. It is just as important to choose a knowledgeable installer, as it is to choose a quality product. There are many who claim to know how to install a specialty roof, and will even make it look nice, but quite often will take short cuts, or use inferior products and install them incorrectly. Improper installation voids warranties, and results in leaks and damage to interiors. Because the source of the problem is not always readily apparent, quite a bit of damage may occur before it is even known that a problem exists. Repairs can be extensive and much more costly than the original roof.

Palmetto State Roofing, Inc. of Columbia has extensive experience with a variety of reliable and reputable products, tile manufacturers, and slate quarries, and has the know-how to install a superior, long-lasting roof system, from the simple and straightforward, to complex, intricately detailed situations. Our scope of work includes private residences, churches, universities and notable landmarks.

We also offer consulting services, from detecting problems and crafting solutions, to working with home owners, architects, builders and property managers to avoid roof problems from the start.

Our goal is to complete every project with materials and workmanship that will last a lifetime. It is the attention to details that optimizes the performance and beauty of any specialty roof installation.

We welcome your inquiry, and look forward to helping you with your roofing needs.



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Established in 1984, Palmetto State Roofing, Inc. of Columbia (PSR) is a family owned and operated business that specializes in slate, metal and tile roof installations in South Carolina and beyond. Together, Tim and Beth Eich manage all aspects of the business. From replacing several broken slates on your home, to installing several hundred squares on a new commercial building, PSR is the company that architects, general contractors and homeowners have turned to over the years with their specialty roof needs. With our office centrally located in Columbia, South Carolina, Palmetto State Roofing has installed thousands of squares of slate, tile and metal roofing on homes and buildings all over the state, and in Georgia.

PSR is experienced in renovating and restoring historic structures. A number of our projects include churches and homes on the National Register of Historic Places.

Not all slate, tile and metal roofs are created equal.  Some products offer an initial price advantage, but actually have a very short lifespan and / or greatly reduced reliability.